"I never dreamed about success, I worked for it"
- Estee Lauder -


You do not desire the ordinary, but the extraordinary.
You do not deserve the normal or the mundane.

Exclusivity – Aspirational – Inspirational – Luxury

Let Flag in the Sand bring these words to Life and experience what most will only ever dream of.

Flag in the Sand has been at the forefront of the Concierge space for over a decade and in that time have been providing our members with unparalleled access to the exclusive and unobtainable.

From humble beginnings to one of the leading providers of Luxury and Exclusivity, we now boast a global network covering every continent and hundreds of local contacts around the world, in addition to a core team of unrivalled experts in their chosen fields.

From arranging A-list access to the Oscars or a trackside private yacht at the Monaco F1, our sole purpose of being is to deliver our members the extraordinary.

Endeavoring to provide (almost) any request, no matter how big, small or how outlandish, Flag in the Sand have the ability, knowledge and expertise to deliver your desires.

Unlike the majority of other concierge companies, Flag in the Sand do not charge for yearly or monthly membership, which gives you the freedom and peace of mindknowing that you are receiving the highest quality of service without the premium price.

No other company can or will offer this level of unparalleled service free of charge.


We have 4 different types of membership

Each tier has its own unique benefits and we are confident you will see a membership option that is perfect for you and your needs.
Become part of the Flag in the Sand global network, and experience first hand how we transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.



To speak to a member of the team call us on 0203 751 7525
or email us on info@flaginthesand.com




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