“Food is the only language that can express harmony, creativity, happiness, beauty,
complexity, magic, humor and provocation at the same time”
- Ferran Adria - El Bulli -


Nothing engages the senses like food – The sights, smells and taste of a culinary masterpiece will stay with you long after you have finished your meal.

Flag in the Sand have access to the planet’s finest restaurants – from last minute reservation at Zuma to the very special tasting menu at Abac in Barcelona let us open the doors to a world of dining culinary delights.

In addition to access to the worlds finest and most exclusive dining establishments, Flag in the Sand have can recommend and introduce you to some of the most exclusive private dining rooms.


Looking for something more intimate?

With a global network of over 600 of the best gourmet chefs, Flag in the Sand can organize a private dinner for you cooked by one of the world’s finest chefs. Whether it be a beachside dinner for two in the Seychelles or a birthday dinner in a luxury Penthouse, we will ensure an unforgettable dining experience.

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