The Siena Palio is as much a celebration of culture and history as it is horserace. Bareback riders tear through the ancient streets, each representing their districts as they compete for civic pride!
Taking place since 1633, the Palio is steeped in medieval tradition and the city certainly embraces this – the parades and pageantry just as much of a spectacle as the race itself.
The bareback horserace runs straight through the ancient streets of impossibly quaint Siena, and is as popular today as ever! Each comptetitor or ‘contrada’ represents a different district of Siena. It culminates in the aforementioned Piazza del Campo – the cities principal public space and one of Europe’s great medieval squares. Indeed, the entirety of Siena’s historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the Palio is a fun, colourful and rioutous cultural experience that feels somewhat timeless!
Apart from the Palio, there is much to explore and the depth to plan a truly amazing trip.