We are a luxury concierge and travel company with vast experience in servicing the unique needs of the world’s wealthiest individuals and most prestigious, blue-chip corporate entities.
We package our services as auction items for the charity sector – from bespoke and experiential travel to exclusive, unobtainable and sold-out events, personal shopping, luxury retail or unique ‘money-can’t-buy’ experiences.
As a client-facing and service-focused business, we can manage the entire post-sale process with the auction winners directly, saving charities both time and effort.


We feel our superior contacts and levels of access allows us to offer fresh takes on events already popular at auctions, in addition to our wide range of unique experiences simply unavailable elsewhere.
Traditionally, consignment goods are supplied by silent auction companies, who procure experiences from third-party providers and apply a mark-up (typically in excess of 25-30%).
Dealing with us ensures charities are working directly with the supplier – allowing you to access better products at a better price.

UK Office
Flag in the Sand Lifestyle Ltd
23 Curtain Road

0203 751 7525
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Our Privacy

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