This experience offers unprecedented private and exclusive access to the arcane and alluring mysteries of the Vatican City, a place with a breathtaking history and tradition!
Wonder at the beauty of the Sistine Chapel in total silence and privacy, wander the serene Papal Gardens, and explore hidden areas and Vatican secrets usually closed to the public.
The culmination of the trip is a chance to meet and attend an intimate mass held by Pope Francis as a VIP guest – a deeply spiritual experience regardless of faith or belief.


Set among the mysterious lochs and dramatic peaks of Northern Scotland, it combines the raw, majestic beauty of the Highlands, with the adrenaline and excitement of long-range sniper shooting!
You will be trained and guided by ex-Special Forces and British Army operatives, who will utilise years of combat experience to teach you what it takes to hit targets at long range. Over the course of two days, you will be pushed to the limits of your shooting ability, with the ultimate aim of hitting your target from up to a mile away!


From the end of October to the beginning of February, the largest gathering of Orcas in the world takes place in the stunning Troms region, in Norway.
Your stay will be on-board a vessel of the oldest and most prestigious operator, having become the first in the world to run such excursions.
Sometimes as many as 50-60 Orcas and Humpback Whales can be observed at the same time with the opportunity to enter the water and swim with these magnificent animals. To be with them in their own habitat is an experience of a lifetime and one you will not quickly forget.


Nestled between Kruger National Park and Sabi Sand Game Reverse lies Cheetah Plains – a lodge at the cutting edge of service, luxury, and design.
Blending natural materials and chic minimalism, Cheetah Plains is an instantly relaxing place to stay, perfectly in sync with its natural surroundings. Exclusivity here, though, is guaranteed – with private concession rights dictating that only two game vehicles at a time can explore the individual areas.
Privacy at game sightings is the norm here, but so too are the breathtaking panoramas, the plentiful smaller wildlife, effortlessly warm service, and  delicious South African home-style dining.


Play a round at some of the best and most exclusive golf courses around the world with insider access. These clubs are incredibly private and normally inaccessible to non-members.
Playing at these clubs is something only a handful of individuals in the world can lay claim to and you could be one of them.
We offer extensive packages to these clubs including hospitality and transfers. Key regions include; America, United Kingdom,  Japan, Australia, New Zealand and France

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