Fine dining is a passion of ours, and so we want to ensure our valued members never miss out on tables at the world’s most elite and in-demand restaurants, whether well-established favourites, or the hottest new kitchens in town.
We therefore offer all of our YOU members a free-of-charge reservations service – our connections and contacts enable you to enjoy bookings at popular, over-subscribed restaurants across the globe.


For many of our clients, we provide supplementary PA services – ‘assisting your assistant’, for both business and personal purposes. We can help share the burden of managing your busy life – taking care of tasks such as organising gifts, arranging appointments, personal shopping, travel arrangements, reservations, and various other personal assignments.
Whether you need us to plan a dinner party for 100 guests, or simply walk your dog in the morning as you head to a breakfast meeting, our Lifestyle Managers are on hand to help with all your pressing tasks, no matter how menial or complex.


Whether in a new location or in your home city, we can provide assistance with a range of domestic needs – from personal shopping to schooling; including both school placements and private tuition.
Home staffing is another area in which we work extensively – our recruitment expertise can help source and secure you the perfect security team, chauffeur, nanny, tutor or maid.


The modern, interconnected world offers a multitude of opportunities, and as such our clients are frequently required to relocate internationally.
We have developed a wealth of experience in assisting with such moves – our team are well-versed in logistics, shipping, property location, and all the finer details needed to make international relocation as smooth as possible.

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